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Angila Water Treatment Plant - Northampton

Apex Scaffolding Ltd were contracted by Apex Build Ltd to provide a fully designed scaffold solution to enable a new flat roof to the main office block.

Scaffold Requirements:

  • 8 no of access towers erected to roof height;
  • Triple handrail erected to roof edge;
  • Protection fans to walkways & doors;
  • Independent scaffold with Haki access stairs, rubbish chutes;
  • Beamed gantry loading birdcage with Haki access stairs and Geda hoist.

Apex scaffold was able to erect the scaffold in a safe timely manner, over a period of 8 days with the location of the project 145 miles from our yard in Lowestoft, we chose to put our operatives in accommodation for the duration of the erection and dismantle procedure maximising the working hours and limiting fatigue with our operatives.

The mobilisation of the material was achieved by constantan contact with our operatives on site to assess the material levels, further delivers where made by our delivery driver over the project period to alleviate the need of removing operative from site casing time delays.

Tube and fitting scaffold were the chosen system due to adaptability, cost effective erection solutions that meet the client’s needs.

Due to site meetings, culminated planning and design with Apex build & Anglian Water, Apex were able to erect and dismantle the scaffold on a live Anglian water office with no disruption to the staff and daily running of the office, meeting all safety requirements and to budget with no environmental issues.