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RNLI Harwich

The Scaffold needed to be constructed taking into account the extreme tidal variation so build time was limited.

RNLI Harwich, The brief was to install access provision to the perimeter of the station to repair and replace window shades due to the construction and position of the edge of Harwich Quay we were required to provide a bespoke solution for the construction, it was decided that the scaffold would need to be constructed from the existing piles below the concrete structure of the quay. As the original construction fixings attached to the piles was insufficient new sections of I beam were needed to be to be welded to the piles to allow gravlock couplers to be attached to form the suspended access.

We were able to install within the necessary time frame and on budget.

As part of the refurbishment the existing aerial mast needed to be replaced whilst still needing the aerials in situ to allow the important RNLI Business to continue.

We constructed a 16m tall mast using a tribeam arrangement to provide a temporary mast, this was deemed the fastest and the most cost effective solution with the minimum disruption.